Franjo: PE Teacher (Franjo: A Journeyman Story – Ep12)

For now I’m crashing on Joakim’s sofa. He doesn’t seem pleased about it.

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1 Day since FC Höllviken Termination

I’m OK I think. I feel like I’ve been through a mature and amicable break up. Yes I’m disappointed and yes I wish I could have done certain things differently, but in the end we severed ties for the good of both parties. I’m hopeful of finding a new job quickly so I’ve kept my flat in Vellinge as a short term solution. As long as I find a new job in the next couple of weeks I should be fine. I’ve applied for an interesting position already: The top job at Persiraja Banda Aceh, an Indonesian Premier Division side.

unemp 1 peri

This is exactly the kind of adventure I’d really be up for so fingers crossed. Welling Chairman Barrie Hobbins just emailed me too to see if I’d be up for an interview, but I sent a very gracious and friendly reply explaining that I would have to decline.

unemp int 1 welling

I made myself a promise when I stepped onto that Vellinge-bound flight in August that the next time I returned to Blighty I’d be a success. I think we can all agree that that time is not now.


unemp 5:11


2 Weeks since FC Höllviken Termination

It’s been a slow couple of weeks. I applied for a couple more managerial positions: The first was Changchun Yatai in the Chinese Super League, which was probably optimistic as the teams in that league are not known for snapping up unknown British managers.

unemp 2 changchun

The other club was KFUM-Kameratene Oslo in The Norwegian First Division, and I have to say I do quite like the idea of staying in Scandinavia for now.

unemp 3 kfum

I’ve not heard back from either, but I did just get back from an interview with the Persiraja Chairman Syarifuddin Latif. I think it went pretty well so I’ll update you as and when the wheels start turning.

unemp 1 peri int


unemp 14:11


3 Weeks, 2 Days since FC Höllviken Termination

Well shit. The wheels didn’t start turning on that one. Khair Rifo took the Persiraja job. I had another interview offer from England: Truro Chairman Pete Masters was in touch but again I politely declined.

unemp int 2 truro

I wish other countries’ clubs were as excited to meet me as English ones are.


unemp 2:12


1 Month, 1 Week, 3 Days since FC Höllviken Termination

I had to leave my flat. Nothing’s happening job-wise and it’s been 6 weeks at this point. For now I’m crashing on Joakim’s sofa. He doesn’t seem pleased about it.

I’ve been offered interviews by Hemel Hempstead (Who I turned down, but I’m starting to think I might have to go home earlier than I had planned) and Finn Harps’ Chairman Sean Quinn, which was exciting. Ireland is certainly a possibility for me.

unemp int 3 hemel

unemp int 4 finn

I applied for vacant positions at Danish First Division side Naestved Boldklub:

unemp 4 naest

Malaysian Premier League side Perlis:

unemp 6 perlis

And Belarus Highest League side Granit Mikashevichi:

unemp 5 granit

At this point I’m throwing my hat into every vaguely realistic ring I see. I am the Oddjob of Football Management.


unemp 16:12


1 Month, 3 Weeks, 3 Days since FC Höllviken Termination

I had an interview with Granit General Manager Marina Bystraya this week, and had a couple of offers from Gosport and Curzon Ashton which I duly turned down. I’m not sure how long I can keep doing that though, Joakim’s getting very cranky.

unemp 5 int

unemp int 5 gosport

unemp int 6 curzon


unemp 1:1


2 Months, 1 Week, 4 Days since FC Höllviken Termination

Happy Christmas, New Year, etc. Gennardy Mardas landed the Granit job, the jammy shit, so I’ve enjoyed a festive period of being locked in the guest bedroom while Joakim has friends and family round and doesn’t want me getting in the way. I was also offered an interview at FC United today.

unemp int 7 fc utd

My replies to these English clubs are still negative but they’re getting less polite.


unemp 18:1


2 Months, 3 Weeks, 6 Days since FC Höllviken Termination

Do you know what no Football Manager will ever tell you about being out of a job? Do you want to know the big secret?

It’s boring as shit.

I mean I suppose it’s the same for most unemployed folk really, after a while you just want to get back into that routine, you’re sick of being at home/Joakim’s house. All the days start to merge into one.

But ask a Football Manager how he felt between jobs and it’s “Oh I spent time with my family and watched a bunch of football from countries you’ve never even heard of”. Admit it you’re all bored, that’s why you jump at the chance to come back and be hated, picked apart and humiliated all over again.

On a related note I’m really fucking bored of unemployment. It’s been almost 3 months and I’m getting worried that I just won’t be able to get another job abroad. I think I’m just seen as “Franjo, who took FC Höllviken down”.

Maybe I’ll get 1 more stab at a job in England and then be thrown on the pile with Dave Hockaday and Alan Curbishley. Maybe I’ll become a PE Teacher. The cranky, bitter kind too. The kind that obviously wanted to make it as something else and so takes it out on the kids by teaching them bad cricket ball throwing technique so they’ll never be any good.

Brackley, Bath & St Albans all phoned to see if I’d like an interview. I told them all to fuck off. I’m not going to be your PE Teacher just yet.

unemp int 8 brackley

unemp int 9 bath

unemp int 10 st alb


unemp 22:1


3 Months since FC Höllviken Termination

It’s the 3 month anniversary of the day I got sacked from Höllviken, and in something of a whirlwind, I found another open position, and they offered me an interview immediately.

unemp 7 angrense

Sport Clube Angrense are a third tier Portugese club based in the municipality of Angra do Heroismo (The Creek of Heroism. Seriously. What an insanely cool name for a place), which is located on the volcanic Island of Terceira in the Portugese archipelago of The Azores.

Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 21.20.02

I’m basically interviewing to manage a team based in Hero Creek on Volcano Island in the middle of the Atlantic fucking Ocean and my excitement has gone from zero to sixty very, very quickly.

They’re about to start the relegation phase of their season after finishing 5th in the first phase (Don’t worry, read Mini-sode 12.5, I’ll explain there).

I met the Chairman Miguel Borba this afternoon. I think it went fine but I’ve thought that after a couple of interviews in the last few months. I think I might just have an un-hireable look about me. Maybe it’s the half-robot-face thing.


unemp 28:1


3 Months, 6 Days since FC Höllviken Termination


From: Miguel Borba, Chairman of SC Angrense

Subject: Save Us Franjo, But Actually Do This Time

unemp 7 approached

Mini-sode 12.5 >

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  1. I wouldn’t leave Joachim’s flat just yet — wages of 80 GBP/week are pretty slim. LOL. Seriously though, Hero Creek on Volcano Island is pretty fantastic. Good find.

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