Project: Meatloaf – Part 1 (Franjo: A Journeyman Story Mini-sode 17.5)

It’s time for “Project: Meatloaf”

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“What do you think?” I ask. My face scrunches up slightly as I try to come up with an answer to the question that’s been plaguing me all weekend. “I mean, I know there wasn’t much that we could’ve done about their goal… to be fair it was a good finish and we did initially defend the corner well, but…” I let out a sigh. “I don’t know. Why were we so ineffective?”

Burnie stares blankly back at me from my lap, his little feline head cocked slightly to one side. “You’re not much help you know mate”, I tell him sympathetically. I scratch him behind the ear and pick him up to put him on the floor so I can get up. I need to think, and to think I need to walk.

I’ve watched Saturday’s match too many times now and the answer’s in my head somewhere. I just need to filter out the shit and find it. Why did we lose? We were nothing like the team I saw in the first 2 matches. The team that dominated and fought and scared the life out of the opposition going forwards.

I throw on my trusty grey coat and open the door of my flat, intending to go for a walk, when I hear hissing and yowling: The telltale sounds of a cat fight. The kind with actual cats. I turn around to see my that my other cat, Meatloaf, is attacking Burnie. Meatloaf is smaller, scrawnier, scrappier and obviously more insecure than his brother. He’s pinned Burnie down and he’s biting and scratching him.

But just then something clicks. Burnie is crouched, defensive, and still. He looks petrified. He’s showing Meatloaf too much respect. If he wanted to he could throw the little bastard off and win the fight, but he won’t. Meatloaf is offensive and dominant… he’s a dick, but he’s winning.

I slam the door, which shocks Meatloaf into running away, and I throw my trusty grey coat onto the bed, unsure of why I put it on in the first place as it’s intolerably warm here on Volcano Island.

I have work to do. In our last match against Vilafranquense, even though we had the home advantage we were timid and careful. Almost petrified. We should have been the aggressor. We should have taken the game to Vilafranquense. We were Burnie. We should have been Meatloaf.

Next weekend we play Associação Naval 1° de Maio, or Naval for short. We’re away but they’re a team we should be beating, so I decide to adjust my tactics. We’ll make a new system and try it on them.

It’s time for Project: Meatloaf

Mini-sode 17.5.5 – Part 2

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