About Next Week (Franjo: A Journeyman Story – Meta-sode 25.5)

I apologise but next week I will not be releasing daily episodes. Let me explain why…

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Olá meus Amigos,

I apologise but next week (29/05/2017 – 02/06/2017) I will not be releasing daily episodes. Let me explain why…

5 weeks ago when I started to write about managing FC Höllviken, I had episodes ready about a week or more in advance. This meant that being the crazed perfectionist that I am, I had plenty of time to tweak and change episodes before I released them. For example, Mini-sode 10.5 was very nearly an incredibly shit mini-sode in which Alexander offered me a new contract and I refused… Roll credits. Luckily I had time to realise how awful it was and change it into something more fleshed out and satisfying.

In retrospect I should have taken a break after I left Höllviken, as the unemployment break, combined with learning about Os Heróis and choosing tactics, making transfers, picking a squad etc ended up taking a long, long time. Because of that I’m now writing most episodes about 1 or 2 days before I release them.

I want to get back out in front of the story like I was at Höllviken. I want to be able to tweak and change again to make this story the best it can be. We’ve now got a summer break, which is going to take a while, and I’d rather take a week off and come back with some bloody good episodes than keep up the routine and half-arse the start of next season.

Daily episodes will start again on the 5th of June, although I’ve already written a couple of mini-sodes that I’ll release on Tuesday and Thursday.

I’ve also been messing around a lot with the formula for these episodes lately, like having a couple of matches per episode, varying the amount of actual story that I write into episodes and things like that. If you have any sort of feedback about what you like, what you don’t, what your favorite episode has been, or anything, then let me know by email at franjofm23@gmail.com

By the way I’m still enjoying the hell out of writing this and I’d like to take this opportunity to say a massive and genuine thank you to everyone that’s been following the story so far.

Cheers, and have a bloody great week.



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