Deadline Day – Summer 2018 (Franjo: A Journeyman Story – Mini-sode 56.5)

Our squad is finally complete.

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It’s that bizarre time of year again. Marital aides are being removed from their drawers and taken down to football stadia with those select few fans that feel like spending their day standing behind journalists, looking half excited and half ashamed. Jim White’s fucking yellow tie has been clipped onto his collar, the colour merging with his fake tan to create a nice sunset effect. It’s a biannual international holiday when copious amounts of unjustified excitement is followed swiftly by disappointment, anger and reluctant acceptance.

Transfer deadline day is upon us, ladies and gentlemen.

We start off by shedding a piece of self entitled dead weight named Ryszard Baran. It’s Genoa in the end that stump up £500k and a promise of 50% of his next transfer fee, trumping the previous frontrunners Bologna. He has real potential so I’m happy that we’ll get a chunk of what might be a big future fee. It’s just a shame that the club was already about £1.5m in the red from inherited debt, so we’ll only see 25% of the cash, but it’s better than nothing.

57 1 1 baran moves.png

Anyway, Baran’s got a bad attitude and I think we’ll be better off without him. I tell him as much actually, before he leaves. Ta ra, Ryszard. Don’t let the door hit you on your way out.

Our first incoming of the day is a possible replacement for Baran’s position in the squad. Vladan Savanovic signs on a free transfer, well, for £8k compensation, from a small Bosnian side called Vlasenica.

57 1 2 savanovic joins.png

Vladan is an 18 year old Bosnian midfielder. He’s by no means the finished article, but he has potential. Good technique and leadership, along with great speed, balance and aggression are particular highlights.

57 1 2 savanovic.png

My final incoming transfer of the window is a familiar face, but for once it’s not one of my former heróis. Danny Wilson puts pen to paper after being released by Glasgow Rangers in the Summer.

57 1 3 wilson joins.png

I’ve always been a fan of Danny, ever since he came through Rangers’ ranks as a youngster. In my opinion he took too big a step too quickly and paid a steep price. He’s not convinced since moving back North of the border in what many saw as his last chance, but I still think he can make it. He’s got everything a centre back needs: He’s determined as all hell, a great leader and defender, fine on the ball, tall and physically excellent.

57 1 3 wilson.png

The one drawback to this deal is that Danny’s agent insisted upon a £240k release fee for foreign clubs, but my thinking is that if he does well enough to make someone activate it, we’ll have had a solid defender and we’ll have made a profit.

“I’m recruiting so many Scottish warriors, it’s like I’m Braveheart, isn’t it Danny?” I ask enthusiastically in his first training session with the rest of the squad.

“Nae really” replies Danny Wilson, bluntly and without looking at me.

“Oh.” My face drops slightly. I turn to Alan Hutton. “What do you reckon Alan, I’m a bit like Braveheart aren’t I?”

“A wee bit, aye” replies Alan, who seems slightly annoyed by the question. I’ll take it.

The last deal of our window is for our promising young centre back and central midfielder Arkadiusz Pluta. I turn down a potential £140k offer from Brentford, which naturally pisses Pluta right off, so after a bit of haggling, Brentford become the 2nd team of the day to sign one of our young players for £500k and 50% of the next fee.

57 1 4 pluta moves.png

I don’t really mind. With Danny Wilson joining fellow scotsman Alan Hutton, the trusty Olivier and our regular left back Damian Garbacik, we’ve now got 4 players who’ll do good jobs at centre back if needed, so relieving our debt a bit more for a youngster I had no intention of playing is a no brainer.

And with that, the day is done. The Sky Sports camera crews all pack up and head home from their respective stadia, the marital aides go back in the drawer, the yellow tie is unclipped and Jim White is put back in frozen carbonite where he’ll remain until January.

The sun has set on deadline day, and our squad is finally complete.

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5 thoughts on “Deadline Day – Summer 2018 (Franjo: A Journeyman Story – Mini-sode 56.5)”

  1. Hello Franjo. Picture one 41 year old swedish father of two little attention-cravers, spending his summer Holliday updating a fm-forum four times a day to see if there´s a new post with your name on it. That’s me. I played my last fm-save many years ago but I’m still a fan of the game and I was just looking around fm-base with no certain intent when I stumbled on this story. I grew up 10 km from Höllviken so I was immediately hooked. (Sad part of the story, but you bounced on to greener pastures…). I think I want you to realise that you reach out to quite unexpected groups of readers (if my example isn’t unique) and that, of course, is because you’re a skilled writer. Your popular-cultural references are sublime, emotions are coming right through my screen (“Into the back of the fucking net”) and it’s nice to see how you culture in-game relations. I would love reading more of that last theme, like; you and Hurley watching “Lost” together or some peripheral individual stepping forward to make your managerial life miserable. Even better: Keep doing your thing!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hi Markus,

      Thanks for the feedback, that’s made my bloody day! Genuinely one of the nicest and most generous comments that I’ve had, so thank you!

      I’ve always wondered since I started whether anyone reading was local to any of the clubs I’ve been writing about, so it’s great to meet someone from close to Höllviken.

      Also I would not be surprised at all if me and Hurley wound up watching Lost at some point, I’ve written about stranger stuff 😀 *cough*connect4*cough*.

      Once again thanks very much for the kind feedback, I really appreciate it and I hope you continue to enjoy the story.


      Liked by 1 person

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