No Video Highlights For A While (Franjo: A Journeyman Story – Meta-sode 65.5)


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Quick heads up that there’ll be no more video highlights for a while. I know that most of you just read the scintillating story and don’t watch them, but I thought I’d let you know anyway.

In case you’re interested, the reasons for this are that:

A) If you try to export highlights from a Mac (The save is on a Mac), it doesn’t work properly. The highlights are unwatchable and from what I’ve seen from the forums, this has been a bug ever since exporting highlights was introduced to the game.

B) Because of that, I’ve always sent the save to my PC to export the videos, but the poor old thing’s fallen on hard times recently and is currently incapable of doing certain things that I want it to do, such as exporting videos, powering on or being even remotely useful.

So yes, it’s broken. While my PC’s out of commission, there’ll be no video highlights. If I get it working though I’ll add them all retroactively.

Thanks for reading, have a great week.



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