Listen (Franjo: A Journeyman Story – Meta-sode 200.???)

81 days is far too long really, isn’t it.

< Euro 24 Part 13

Update (10th Feb): Episodes starting again next Monday (18th). I now have a backlog which will allow us to finish off the Euros, go through the Summer reviews and go into next season without a break! See you then

Update (5th Feb): Back soon 🙂

Greetings and Salutations! I hope you all had a great and reasonably stressless Christmas and New Year and are enjoying 2019 so far.

Listen, I am coming back. Not this week and not next week, but I am coming back to finish this story. It’s apparently 81 days since I published the quarter final against Ukraine and that’s certainly longer than I intended, but I just haven’t been able to find the motivation. I’m almost certain I’ve touched on this in the past so I’m sorry if I’m repeating myself, but I need to be in the right headspace to write this stuff and a couple of busy weeks turned into a busy month, which quickly turned into Christmas and blah blah blah. If I don’t have motivation, I write shit episodes and I don’t want to do that.

I have however been writing recently in an effort to build up a bit of a backlog of episodes that should help speed things along once I do come back, but it’s just taking me a bit of time to get everything in order. One thing I do want to make perfectly clear though is that although I may stop now and again, I am always going to come back and continue writing until this story has finished properly, which it has certainly not yet done. It’s coming up on 2 years since I started writing it and has probably taken thousands of hours to put together, so I am sticking with it right to the end!

I am sorry that I sort of went off the grid without warning, but after some of the recent comments on my last post I thought I’d better reiterate my position: We’re going to finish the Euros, we’re going to do the usual Summer episodes (Top marks if anyone remembers enough of last season to be able to send me their TAFAFUE nominations) and we’re going to kick off the 2024/25 season as soon as I manage to get it all sorted. Hurley, Hicham and Big Phil as my witnesses.

As always thank you for sticking with me, you gloriously loyal people. I hope the new season will be worth the wait.



Euro 24 Part 14 >

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