First Impression (Franjo: A Journeyman Story – Mini-sode

It’s a big day, isn’t it. I want to look the part.

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“How am I looking?” I whisper.

“Nervous.” Giggles Sylvania. I lean forwards, fold my arms and frown.

“How about now?”

“Annoyed…” Sylvania frowns too. “Just try to relax, monsieur.” I will my hands to stop shaking as they fall back against the sofa, but it just can’t be done. I take a deep breath and exhale slowly as a sense of calm washes over me, pushing the nerves to one side. “Better.” She smiles. A long silence follows while we wait for my cue, until Sylvania takes it upon herself to break the tension. “I do not think I ‘ave seen you in a suit before, monsieur Franjo.” She hisses.

“Yeah well it’s a big day, isn’t it. I want to look the part. Get off on the right foot, make a good first impression and all that.”

“Eet ees only a press conference.” Sylvania insists. “You must ‘ave done hundreds!” She reaches out a hand and adjusts the red and black handkerchief in my front jacket pocket.

“Not like this.” I gulp involuntarily as the enormity of sitting in front of that microphone and answering question after question crashes down upon me again. “Not one this… Big.”

“But France-”

“Not the same.” I cut her off. “This one… Well don’t take this the wrong way, but this one means a lot more to me.” She furrows her brow in indignation.

An official looking man with a clipboard and headset hurries into the room and beckons me towards the door without so much as an encouraging smile. “Come on.” He hisses. I down what’s left of my tea and turn to Sylvania, who nods excitedly. With a surprising amount of effort, I then push myself off the sofa, onto my feet and walk towards the man.

“Ladies and gentlemen…” Comes a muffled monotone voice from the other side of the wall. Stopping momentarily, I turn back to Sylvania, who gives me two frantic thumbs up. I turn back to the door, put on my least terrified face and stride on. “Mr WT Franjo,” Continues the voice. “The new head coach of the England men’s national team.”

206.5 14 england approach

206.5 15 appointed

Screenshot 2019-02-15 at 19.25.48

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