The State Of Franjo (Franjo: A Journeyman Story – Meta-sode 216.5)


Episode 216

Good afternoon folks,

I wanted to write a quick thing regarding FAJS but firstly I want to apologise sincerely that I’ve left this alone for so long. Mid-Season, no less. I also wanted to thank all of you, equally sincerely, for following the story and for ravenously asking me when it’s coming back, as it reminds me of the promise I’ve made over and over: I’m going to see this story through to it’s conclusion. I’ve known what the conclusion would be to Franjo’s journey from day 1 and I can exclusively reveal that it is NOT losing a 2 goal lead to fucking Roma in the Champions League group stage.

For those wanting a TLDR to this meta-sode, I am bringing FAJS back and hopefully fairly soon. That’s as specific as I can be at the minute I’m afraid. For those more willing to indulge me in a bit of an explanation of my absence, read on.

The thing that’s always been against me when writing FAJS is time. I started writing because my job used to be dull and I wanted to fill the time doing something productive, so clever boy that I am, I committed to 5 episodes of a week of an FM story that would no doubt go on years. And not only an FM story, but one that aimed to follow a manager’s thoughts and feelings through each and every match and event, something that at the time I actually craved to read myself to be honest. This of course proved unsustainable so after a couple of hiatuses… Hiati? Fuck knows. After a couple of stumbles, I reduced my output to 3 episodes a week to keep up with my steadily rising professional workload and to stave off writing burnout. Then even that proved unsustainable. Work kept picking up and I kept burning myself out writing constantly during my free time, often into the early hours of the morning, to put episodes out. I’m not looking for pity by the way, I’m emphasising how bloody stupid I was being.

Eventually, because of the aforementioned burnout, I had to look for some other creative outlet to save me from the stress of keeping up with the story, which was originally meant to be a fun creative outlet! I wrote short stories and poems, wrote songs, started drawing and even recorded a podcast, before chucking that straight in. I’m more of a writer than a talker. Eventually though, I got to game design and that seems to have been the one that’s stuck. Between writing episode 216 and now I’ve worked on creating a few games, 1 of which is ready to publish and another of which is almost there too.

Lately though I’ve been back on WordPress publishing dev blogs on the current game I’m working on, “To Spring”, and to be honest posting here again has made me miss Franjo. Occasionally I glance over to my FAJS stats page and see that you beautiful bastards are still reading and presumably rereading it in droves, undoubtedly disappointed with the lack of any conclusion.

Since writing episode 216 by the way, I’ve had a laptop and desktop computer die on me, so it’s a small miracle that most of my old saves are still in tact, thanks to cloud backup. Some of them haven’t made it but because I used to work as a tester at SI and know the horrors of losing months of progress to game crashes and impassable bugs, I save weekly and so currently have about 31GB of saves stored. So yeah, I think we’ll be fine.

So yeah, this is all to say I will be coming back as soon as I’ve finished my current project and published my games on steam. I’m hoping that won’t be too long as now that society has crumbled, I’ve got all the free time in the World. I won’t be following a schedule once I’m back though as I’ve well and truly learned that that’s not a good way to go about your hobbies. It’ll be as and when, probably 1 or 2 episodes a week.

I hope you’re all keeping well and washing your hands and honestly, thank you again for continuing to read and ask for more. Keep an eye out, because Franjo will save us from perpetual isolation-induced boredom in the near future.

And if you’re interested in following along with the dev blogs by the way, they’re over here, or I’m posting links to all of them on Twitter.


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