Something A Little Different (Franjo: Slumberland)

I’ve lovingly but painstakingly recreated 6 teams of mine from 6 different FM saves in PES and I’m going to hold a little league between them.

Afternoon all!

So to get me into writing again so that I’m ready for the return of Franjo: A Journeyman Story, I thought I’d try something a little different. Because I’m aggressively nostalgic for a lot of my FM teams and also because I’ve recently been getting back into Pro Evolution Soccer 20, I’m going to experiment with a bit of a mash up between the 2. I’ve lovingly but painstakingly recreated 6 teams of mine from 6 different FM saves in PES and I’m going to hold a little league between them. Because they’re all essentially from different realities but I still wanted to keep it in-universe for F:AJS, it’s going to be taking place in Franjo’s fevered dreams following the Roma defeat, hence the mini-series’ name Franjo: Slumberland. Here’s more detail:

Slumberland First Division Rules:

  • I will be playing in coach mode, which means that I won’t be doing a sodding thing. The AI will be controlling all of the teams, playing all of the football, making all of the substitutes etc.
  • Matches are half an hour long.
  • Grass length is normal.
  • Weather is random.
  • 6 teams, home and away round robin. 10 matches each, or 30 in total. 1 episode of the story will cover all 3 matches of a game round simultaneously in a live text commentary format, so there’ll be 10 match episodes all in all (Unless a tie breaker is needed).
  • Fixtures have been randomly drawn by a site I found on the internet.
  • 3 points per win, 1 point per draw, 0 points per loss. You know how it goes. Team with highest points at the end wins. If points can’t separate the teams, goal difference will. If goal difference can’t separate them, a tie breaker match will. Why use all this goals scored malarky when we can just have more football?
  • I’ll be releasing introductory episodes for each team over the next 2 weeks, then Match episodes will be coming out every Saturday and Wednesday.
  • Each team contains 23 players, chosen by their ability and/or importance to the team in FM. 12 subs are named for each match but only 3 can be used.
  • Tactics for each team will be as close to their FM tactics as I can make them. The AI will not be allowed to change my tactics or formation, the only thing they’ll control is how attacking/defensive the team is and substitutes.
  • Initial lineups will be my preferred lineups while playing the FM save. If a starting outfield player gets below a 6.0 rating though they’ll be dropped for at least the next match, depending on how well their replacement does. I’ve put this rule in place so that we can change the lineups a bit, introduce more players and add some variety. After some test matches, it seems goalkeepers tend to get rated very poorly for doing very little wrong, so they’ll be exempt from this rule and will only be rotated if I deem it necessary, like if they concede a hat full of goals.
  • Player form will be random every game, hopefully to ensure some unexpected twists and turns.
  • 2 bookings accrued = 1 match suspension. 1 red card (2 yellows) = 2 match suspension. 1 red card (Straight red) = 3 match suspension. If we encounter any injuries I’ll use a random number generator to determine how many games that player will miss.
  • VERY IMPORTANTLY: Because I only have 1 working controller, PES won’t let me host a league in which I’m “in control” of all of the teams, even in coach mode. Therefore, I’m playing friendly matches while maintaining an absolute monster of a spreadsheet to keep track of results, points, goal difference, stats etc. If I say something that you can see doesn’t stack up, I would really appreciate it if you let me know in the comments here or at

By the way, I can’t control just 1 of the teams in a tournament on coach mode because I want to be able to make hopefully nice looking highlights packages from all the matches! Now that we’re in a detailed 3D world, it’d be rude not to, wouldn’t it, so I need them to actually play out on screen so that I can record them. I’ll be making the latest FM save game I have and the exported teams, kits, logos on PES20 available for each team too, so you can load them up and have a look/have a go with them on either game if you like.

I’ll be introducing you to the teams as we get closer to kick off. It’s starting soon. Should be fun!



Author: DOgames

Amateur Game Designer, Writer, Artist, Musician

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