Meet Bordeaux 29/30 (Franjo: Slumberland – Intro 3/6)

This Bordeaux team is a very recent addition to the list and my desire to recreate them on PES is actually what kicked this idea off.


Game: FM20

Time in charge: 3 and a half years

Highest League Finish: 1st in Ligue 1 (28/29, 29/30)

Honours: Ligue 1 Champions (28/29, 29/30), Trophée des Champions (29)

Predicted Finish: 2nd

FM20 Save: Here (This save is from February of my final season. Due to technical difficulties it’s the last save I have where I’m still at Bordeaux)

PES20 Team: Here

This Bordeaux team is a very recent addition to the list and my desire to recreate them on PES is actually what kicked this idea off. I was playing a network save with my mate Tom where we holidayed to the middle of the 26/27 season, started unemployed with decent reputation and top national qualifications, then raced to build our reputations and win the Champions League. Luckily I managed to snag the Bordeaux job, which was the first big one available.


Back Story

TLDR: I took over half way through 26/27 when the club was 14th and took them to Europe, then again the next season. We won the league in both of the following seasons and then I moved to Barcelona.

At the start of our save, November 2026, I took the reigns of a Bordeaux side desperately in need of motivation. They were 14th in Ligue 1 and morale was low, but they did have a pretty good team. I set up as I usually do (Although you wouldn’t know it from the tactics I’ve shown for Auxerre and Blackpool) in a 4-3-3, with inside forwards, marauding full backs and a midfield trio containing a sitter, an attacker and a chaser. We did well in the first 6 months, climbing up to 5th and a Europa League place, then did even better the next season and finished 4th, just 1 point off the Champions League. The two seasons that followed, we won the title, although the first season especially we accomplished this largely due to the fall of PSG and their ageing, slowing squad. The second season PSG weren’t even in the race. Marseille fought us hard until the final few games when they finally dropped off. Shortly after the season ended I joined Barcelona, where I’ve spent 3 years so far. I love this team and all of these players are instant FM classics for me.

Starting Lineup

No 1 – Sérgio Dutra – Goalkeeper

I reckon pound for pound, Dutra’s up there for my best signing of FM20. For £1.8M I snapped him up from Vitória de Guimarães in my first Summer and he was such a rock for Bordeaux. During my tenure he conceded 100 goals in 128 appearances, keeping 56 clean sheets. Also he loves a penalty save. What more could you ask for? After I practically begged him for 3 years, Portugal manager José Mourinho finally gave him his first cap in the 2030/31 season, after I’d left for Barca. He’s so far earned 5 caps and after a prolific 5 year spell with the club, he moved to Valencia in 2032 for £26M. Dutra’s my vice-captain.


No 4 – Leon Alles – Right Back

I brought Leon to the club on deadline day of my first Summer for £1.7M and practically robbed Schalke blind. He came in to provide cover in midfield but I ended up deploying and training him so much as a right back that he made it his third natural position. His form was consistently extremely good and he was a great utility man. I would say a great lad too, but he was angling for a move throughout my final year and eventually got it just after I left, moving to Arsenal for £38.5M. Still, not a bad piece of business for Bordeaux. He’s currently at Lille after making a £48.5M return to France in 2033.


No 19 – Romain Guillot – Centre Back

We’ve got a chequered history, Romain and I. When I first joined Bordeaux they had next to no great youth prospects, but he was the one that stood out as someone that could be a future star. My plan was to work him slowly into the team, but young and impatient as he was, he started angling for a move. This went on for 2 years of loans and arguments until he dropped his concerns and worked his way into my starting line up. He’s a man mountain and an absolute weapon from set pieces, as can be evidenced by the 9 goals he scored in my final season. In the end I really liked him, but after 2 exceptional years in my team, he moved to Newcastle for £10M right after I left, which is a real shame as I’d turned down bids of up to £30M for him previously. He’s made 33 appearances in the 3 years since.


No 6 – Thiago – Centre Back

Another signing from that first glorious Summer, Thiago was an absolute snip at £3.5M from Porto. He’s a little short for a stormtrooper but between he and Romain, I had the perfect balance of presence and finesse, with Thiago being the more cultured of the two defenders. His form, like probably all of these players, was consistently great and I never had a complaint or a bad day’s training out of him. He too joined the exodus after I left, sadly, and signed for FC Famalicão in an £8M deal in which the negotiators were spotted in balaclavas holding big sacks with dollar signs on them. The good news is though that he kept winning and has so far lifted 3 cups and a Liga Nos title with his new side, who are now one of the main players in Portuguese football.


No 21 – Luciano – Left Back

Luciano was one of those transfers where I had to pinch myself to make sure I hadn’t dreamt the whole thing. His contract with Flamengo ran out in the winter of my first full season and after having inherited a club with no natural left backs at all, I managed to sign a left back who was immediately the best player on my team for free. He’s an all-round top class full back and became Bordeaux’s vice-captain in 2029, then was promoted to captain in 2030. He went on to make a £61M move to Chelsea in 2031, where he’s so far won both domestic cups and a Premier League title.


No 16 – Son Yoon Taek – Defensive Mid

Son was my favourite and those who know me and my FM preferences will immediately be able to spot why. Brave, hard working and a team player, runs all day, defends til he passes out and he also sold mountains upon mountains of replica shirts for us. I signed him for £3.5M from Ulsan Hyundai in that magical first Summer and Bordeaux got 3 and a half excellent years from him before selling him for far too little in a £13.5M deal with Fiorentina.


No 17 – Raymond Harris – Centre Mid

Ray came up through the Chelsea ranks, made the obligatory loan move to the Eredivisie, then I snapped him up on a free. What a bargain he was. He was a starter for both of our title winning seasons, putting in good performances and scoring 13 goals in the last year. He’s since been snapped up by Tom’s Tottenham side for £38M, where he’s won the Premier League.


No 8 – Kanta Iwata – Deep Playmaker

Kanta’s one of my favourites and he’s also a favourite of the Bordeaux fans, with whom he’s achieved Icon status. I signed him for £4.3M in the Summer of 2028 and in our 2 seasons together he put in some mind-blowing displays, averaging a rating of close to 7.5 both years, scoring 14 goals and setting up 18 more. He’s Japanese-born but has chosen to represent Germany, which so far seems a poor choice as at time of writing he’s made just 3 appearances for the national team. After 4 years of great service, he moved to PSG for £45.5M in 2032, where he remains to this day.


No 20 – Konstantin “Brazgarian” Gerchev – Right Inside Forward

Brazgarian is a Bulgarian international with a Brazilian passport, in case you were wondering where that fantastically creative name came from. Signed from Cruzeiro in January 2028 for a measly £2.2M, he was a bit-part player for most of his time at Bordeaux. After I sold the player who was keeping him out of the team however, he came into his own and put in some really fantastic performances for us. Our final season together was a particular highlight, in which he was my first choice and repaid my faith by scoring 10 and assisting 14 goals. He’s since moved to Al-Hilal for a disappointing £8.75M and then to Fulham for the same fee, where he’s doing alright.


No 14 – Khalil Makhlouf – Left Inside Forward

You may have noticed by now that my focus during my time at Bordeaux was on signing young, cheap players who could be sold for various amounts of profit. I brought Makhlouf in at the start of the 28/29 season for £11.5M, at the time a bum-tightening amount of money. He wasn’t a star of the team but he did well over our 2 years, averaging ratings around 7. He joined in with exodus after I left, joining title rivals Marseille for £14.75M, before moving to Juventus for £29M 3 years later.


No 9 – Ben Lyndon – Striker

While we’re talking about big money signings, Ben Lyndon is a player that I brought in on loan from Man City to be my 3rd choice striker for my first full season. 26 games and 20 goals later, it was clear that I needed him back. While my stomach churned and my senses screamed, I shelled out £30M to bring him in permanently for the 28/29 season. He scored 65 goals in 104 appearances for me and 99 goals in 216 appearances during his entire 6 year stint at the club. He then moved to Liverpool for £41.5M in 2033 after falling out of favour, but he remains a Bordeaux icon and a hero to me, so much so that I named my Animal Crossing island Lyndonland.



As for the rest of the squad, we’re mainly filled out by youth players so Bordeaux don’t have the best quality depth in the World. Look out for 36 year old Harry Kane, who despite being slower than a dying turtle on his way to his inlaws’ still has the best quality you’ll find in the final third. Mert Cetin and Jesús Macías are quality players in their prime and are excellent options for defence and midfield, while home grown strikers Nathan Isimat-Mirin and Matheo Bouyer are full of pace. Special mention to both Josef Novak and NIM actually, as they were both such talented young players that I brought them with me to Barca. Novak’s not really made the cut but NIM’s won 3 Champions Leagues, 3 La Liga titles and a hat full of domestic cups with me and is now on loan at Southampton getting more regular game time.



Tactically, as I said way earlier in this post, we’re using an incredibly typical Franjo style: Inside forwards supplying a big striker, a midfield 3 with a good mixture of creativity, attacking impetus, legs and bite and marauding full backs ready to overlap down the wings. Bordeaux, like every other bloody team in this league, will be attacking but will be rightfully confident in outscoring most, if not all of them.

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